Vorsitzender der Freisinger Bischofskonferenz im Gespräch mit den KODA-Mitgliedern

Start of the 7th term of office – At the start of the seventh term of office, the members of the Bavarian Regional KODA celebrated a church service together with the chairman of the Freising Bishops’ Conference, Dr. Reinhard Marx. This was followed by an opportunity to talk about the role and self-image of the Bavarian Regional KODA within the framework of the “Third Way”.

Archbishop Marx highlighted important key points:

  • The Church must fulfil what it demands in its social teaching in its dealings with its employees;
  • Because the Church is embedded in the social context, a close orientation towards public service is essential;
  • the Church’s employment contract law must be determined independently in committees with equal representation;
  • It is essential for service in the church that both the management and the employees in church institutions identify with and live by the religious principles, even if this cannot be demanded in the employment contract;
  • Church institutions are only committed to the gospel; they do not have to generate profits for any shareholders.

For the members of the Bavarian Regional KODA, the meeting with the chairman of the Freising Bishops’ Conference was an encouragement for the tasks in the new term of office.